Watch The Iconic Movie Moments That Inspired Quentin Tarantino


Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with film history is well known. Before he was a world famous director, the young filmmaker worked at a video store, where he’d obsessively watch every movie he could get his hands on, indiscriminately viewing everything from silent films and cinema classics to low-budget B movies. But Tarantino doesn’t just love movies: He also remembers the most interesting dialogue and the most striking shots from each of the films he views—and he loves paying homage to them in his own films.

“Quentin Tarantino’s Visual References” was produced as part of Indiewire’s “Genius Directors in Three Minutes Series.” The short video, created by Jacob T. Swinney, is the ultimate homage to Tarantino’s love of, well, homage, showing iconic moments from Tarantino’s films next to the movie moments that inspired them. While most Tarantino fans are aware of the director’s inspirations, they might not realize just how faithfully Tarantino recreates shots from his favorite films. The split-screen montage is a fascinating look into the mind of a master filmmaker, showing how Tarantino not only pays tribute to moments from great films, but how he reshapes them, making them fully his own. 

With The Hateful Eight about to hit theaters, Swinney's video provides a timely look back at some of Tarantino’s most iconic works. Check it out above. 

[h/t: Indiewire]

Banner Image Credit: Jacob T. Swinney, Vimeo