This Flowchart Will Help You Narrow Down Your Holiday Card List

Caitlin Schneider

When you’re making your list and checking it twice this holiday season, it can be anxiety-inducing trying to figure out who should receive your holiday cheer. Does Santa have these issues? Well, he has elves—and now you have a handy dandy flowchart from Grammarly.

The graphic breaks down those tricky people (boss, neighbor, relative, friend) and uses helpful questions like, “Are you up for a promotion?” and “Do you actually see this person outside of Facebook?” to help you determine whether they make the cut. There’s also the all-important “Will you be seeing them this holiday season?” Prepare to get real with yourself and your state of acquaintanceship, and you’ll end up with a course of action ranging from a paper card to a nice holiday hug. Based on the 1.6 billion holiday cards Americans send annually, we have a feeling that by the end of it you’ll need to buy some stamps.