Here Are the Winners of 2015’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Michele Debczak
Julian Rad
Julian Rad / Julian Rad

Wildlife photography has the power to be shocking, sobering, and awe-inspiring. It also can be pretty hilarious at times. If you believe that the best type of animal photos are the ones that make you laugh, then you’re sure to get a kick out of the winners of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. The contest held its inaugural ceremony in London this November, where Julian Rad, the photographer behind this delightful image, took home first prize.

Julian Rad

The Silver Runner Up award was granted to William Richardson for his amusing elk photo while Oliver Dreike received the Bronze award for his picture of a nose-picking Gorilla. You can check out those winners along with the rest of the finalists in the photo series below.

William Richardson

Oliver Dreike

Alison Buttigieg

Charlie Davidson

Graham McGeorge

Julie Hunt

Marc Mol

Megan Lorenz

Tony Dilger

Yuzuru Masuda

Julian Rad

Mohammed Alnaser

All images courtesy of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.