This English Brewery Is Delivering Beer Via Reindeer

Kirstin Fawcett
Facebook, courtesy of Box Steam Brewery
Facebook, courtesy of Box Steam Brewery / Facebook, courtesy of Box Steam Brewery

If you’re traveling in Wiltshire, England, this holiday season, you can pop into a pub and order a local beer that was delivered by a reindeer.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the local Box Steam Brewery is loading casks of beer into a traditional wooden sleigh harnessed to two horned steeds named Cupid and Comet. The sleigh is driven by the brewery’s head drayman, Tony Lockyear, who dons a fuzzy red hat while dropping the brew off at neighboring bars.

The seasonal delivery service is both whimsical and environmentally sound. “We use an energy-efficient steam kettle to produce our ales, so this draydeer-powered service is really just an extension of our commitment to maintaining a low carbon footprint,” Andy Roberts, managing director of Box Steam Brewer, told the Telegraph. "Small breweries like ours are meeting the public demand for authentic, well-crafted ales with personality—locals want local at their local."

Breweries in the United States are also concerned about sustainability, using wind power and water-saving techniques to reduce their environmental impact. Who knows—maybe they’ll take a cue from businesses like Box Steam Brewery and decide to channel Santa’s carbon-neutral travel style.

[h/t Belfast Telegraph