Where The Oversized Bows in Holiday Car Commercials Come From

Anna Green

Every holiday season, car companies start rolling out brand new commercials for their shiny new cars. And every year, their shiny new cars come topped with an iconic, oversized bow. But where do those giant bows come from?

It turns out, most of them were probably made by a company called King Size Bows, Inc. in Costa Mesa, California, which produces ridiculously large bows for all occasions. The company is run by Jan Kingaard, who tells her story in the short documentary, Where the Bows In Holiday Car Commercials Come From, by Great Big Story. Kingaard, who seems genuinely passionate about producing oversized bows, gives a tour of her "bow kingdom," as she calls it. According to Kingaard, there's real craftsmanship that goes into making oversized bows, "a whole bow language that most people don't speak."

The short film provides a fascinating glimpse into an industry most of us probably never knew existed—and with the quirky and endearing Kingaard at the helm, it's a truly fun watch. Check it out above.

[h/t: AV Club]

Banner Image Credit: Great Big Story, Youtube