San Francisco Might Get a Bridge With Glowing-Eyed Cat Sculptures

Peter Shelton //SFAC Public Art
Peter Shelton //SFAC Public Art / Peter Shelton //SFAC Public Art

San Francisco may soon be home to an odd piece of public art. One of the three final designs being considered for the pedestrian bridge section of the Moscone Expansion Project, Peter Shelton’s “Catbridge” is certainly unique. His proposal would include several pedestal-mounted cat sculptures, each sporting at least two faces and two sets of glowing eyes that would be used to light up the bridge at night. 

Shelton says the design draws inspiration from the two-faced Roman god, Janus. In his proposal he writes:

“Janus is the two-faced God of transitions—of gates and doors, doorways, endings, and time. In ancient sculpture, we usually encounter his dual faces looking both forwards into the future and backwards into the past.”

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He also provided an image of what these demonic glowing eyes might look like on such a sculpture, which he captioned “two kitties in the night.”

SFAC Public Art

You can check out his concept art below, and see art from the other two finalists on the San Francisco Art Commission’s website. The winning proposal will be announced early next year.

Peter Shelton //SFAC Public Art

Peter Shelton //SFAC Public Art

Peter Shelton //SFAC Public Art

[h/t: City Lab]