This Robotic Vacuum Doubles as a Security System

Michele Debczak
LG via PR Newswire
LG via PR Newswire / LG via PR Newswire

The new HOM-BOT Turbo+ from LG proves that robotic vacuums are good for more than just cleaning up messes and transporting cats—now they can alert you if an intruder enters your home while you’re away. 

What sets this model apart from its main competition is its ability to connect wirelessly to your smartphone. The device is outfitted with three cameras that allow users to monitor its cleaning progress from their phones no matter where they are. This feature also allows the Turbo+ to act as a mobile security system. If it senses movement while you’re out, it can be programmed to send photos of the house’s interior to your phone in case you have unwanted visitors.  

The vacuum’s free companion app also includes the Home-Joy feature. Using quasi-augmented reality, users can snap a picture of a mess with their phone, tap on the picture, and tell Turbo+ exactly where to go to clean it up. This eliminates the need to manually direct the vacuum, making for a truly hands-free cleaning experience. LG is expected to unveil more details at CES 2016, which will take place early next month.

[h/t: Engadget]