Watch This Industrial Shredder Devour a Refrigerator


SSI Shredding Systems specializes in tearing things apart. For nearly a decade, the industrial shredder company has been posting "Shred of the Month” videos on their YouTube channel. The clips show their machines devouring everything from toilets to a VW Bug

In the video above, SSI’s 30-ton Dual-Shear M160 shredder (affectionately nicknamed “The Monster”) takes on a fridge, a sofa, and a super tire—decimating each item to smithereens in a matter of seconds. The description refers to the shredder as “one of the most powerful on earth,” and it’s built to rip apart large electronics, industrial waste, and other bulky materials.

The series is so popular that the company is now producing videos on a weekly basis. If you’re looking for a seasonal take on this brand of destruction, you can watch a Christmas tree get torn to bits in the video below.