This App Transforms Your Smart Device Into a Coloring Book

Pixite / Pixite

As you may have noticed from walking around a bookstore or browsing our website recently, coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage. If you’re open to hopping onto this trend but don’t want to invest in the necessary materials, now all you need is an app to get started.

Pigment, the iOS app from Pixite, comes with a library of intricate, black-and-white designs that users fill in the same way they would a normal coloring book. Artists can use their fingers, an Apple Pencil, or a third-party stylus, and draw in a number of different utensil styles, such as pen, pencil, or airbrush.

The drawing function is significantly enhanced by Apple’s new 3D Touch technology, which detects and responds to the level of pressure being applied to the touch screen. And for artists looking to conquer their grade-school art anxiety and get a truly relaxing experience, there’s even an option that prevents you from coloring outside the lines. When your masterpiece is complete, the app makes it easy to share it to social media (the best part: if you cheated to make it look as good as it does, no one has to know). Pigment is currently available for free in the app store

Images courtesy of Pixite.

[h/t: Fast Company]