Get a Monthly Tinkering Kit With This Kickstarter Campaign

Rebecca OConnell
kickstarter / kickstarter

Looking to better understand electronics? New York-based company Thimble wants to send a monthly tinkering kit to help you learn how hardware and software come together. Each kit includes the materials and instructions needed to create one useful electronic device. Thimble hopes that in the process of building the kits, you'll slowly learn how to make apps, code, and fiddle with electronics. And the brand is well on its way, having already surpassed the $25,000 Kickstarter goal with over a month to go.

Once the subscription service is up and running, the first project delivered will be a Wi-Fi-enabled robot that can be remotely controlled with a phone or tablet. The kit will also include a learning app to walk the builder through the whole process. And for those looking for extra help, an entire community of fellow makers is also available to assist with the tutorials and share stories.

The kits are tailored for both children and adults. The recommended age is 13 and up, so parents and children can bond over creating new devices.

[h/t: Engadget]