This Bookstore Pairs Children's Books With Perfect Presents

Rebecca OConnell
the booksmith
the booksmith / the booksmith

To help encourage kids to get into the spirit of reading this Christmas, San Francisco bookstore The Booksmith recommends coupling books with relevant gifts. When a child has his or her own fox mask to wear while diving into This is Sadie, or a box of crayons to go along with The Day the Crayons Came Home, the immersive act of reading transcends the page.

You can find a whole list of excellent pairings to give this holiday on The Booksmith's Tumblr page. Each idea is thoughtfully relevant to the work in question. Most of the gift bundles cost around $20 to $40, which can be purchased online or in-store. Even if you're not in California, some of their suggestions are sure to give you inspiration.