Dyson Uses Science to Create a High-Tech Christmas Tree

Rebecca Pahle

Vacuum manufacturer Dyson has gotten into the holiday spirit by building a high-tech Christmas tree, which is currently on display at the company’s office in Wiltshire, England. The 12-foot-tall tree, which was created by eight of Dyson’s researchers, engineers, and designers, is deceptively simple looking, consisting mostly of transparent hoover tubes with air pumped through them. That air (pine-scented, one hopes), in turn, keeps nine ornaments and one foam ball—standing in for the star at the top of the tree—afloat in mid-air.

“We had about a month to create a Christmas tree that no one had attempted before,” explains a Dyson spokesperson in a statement. “We had to start from scratch. We went through loads of iterations, but we finally settled on a design. Whether it was the weight of the baubles, or the angles of the pipes or ‘branches,’ there was so much to consider. A team of us were on board from across RDD—we had to call in a few favors, from fluid dynamics, to acoustics and model making.”

[h/t Discovery News]