This Classic Pencil Sharpener Was Upgraded With a Gas-Powered Motor

Michele Debczak

The old-school manual pencil sharpeners mounted in classrooms across America are not known for their efficiency. DIY enthusiast Mike Moyer recently decided to give this grade-school staple an upgrade by outfitting it with a gas-powered motor.

The inspiration came to him after he received a broken-down RC car his friend had salvaged from the trash. To better understand how the toy’s tiny, nitro-powered engine functioned, he made it his mission to restore it to working condition while creating a super impressive pencil sharpener at the same time.

After the sharpener’s gears seized up during its first run, he was eventually able to get it up and running again to the point where he could sharpen three pencils to razor-sharp perfection in seven seconds. You can watch his full process in the video above and subscribe to his Youtube channel here.

[h/t: Gizmodo]