You Guessed It: There’s a Panda Among These Stormtroopers

Jennifer M Wood

Image courtesy Bored Panda

What began as a fun little brain teaser has officially morphed into a viral sensation, and traveled to a galaxy far, far away: Earlier this month, Budapest-based cartoonist Gergely Dudás (a.k.a. Dufolf) hid a panda bear in a drawing of 100-plus snowmen and the Internet freaked out. So he tried it again, first hiding a cat in a group of owls and now a four-leaf clover amongst a bunch of pigs eating three-leaf clovers. But the world is still not over that panda bear, so other artists have picked up the torch—first uniting him with a bunch of headbangers, and now making him part of the Star Wars universe.

The latest hidden panda picture was created (appropriately) by a Bored Panda community member, ste1, who sent the drawing in via the website’s submission form. Get your stopwatch ready and see how long it takes you to find the panda.