Visit the Best Cyber Cafés of 1996

YouTube // The Computer Chronicles
YouTube // The Computer Chronicles / YouTube // The Computer Chronicles

In this vintage episode of Computer Chronicles, Stewart Cheifet takes us on a tour of the best Cyber Cafés. You might ask: "Wait, what's a Cyber Café?" Well, let me explain: These were places where you could pay an hourly fee to use somebody else's computer, access the internet, and maybe have some coffee or food. This was back in the day when pretty much nobody had a portable computing device, and lots of people didn't have an email address (yet).

In the first interview, Cheifet asks the proprietor of one shop, "Is this kind of like Cheers but with terminals? Is that what goes on?" The man responds, "If we could do as well as Cheers, I think we'd do all right." (Now if you have to ask me what Cheers is, why don't you go where everybody knows your name?)

Turn the clock back 20 years and enjoy all the wonders 1996 had to offer: