Porcupines Sound Like Crazed Ewoks

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Zooniversity1
YouTube // Zooniversity1 / YouTube // Zooniversity1

Sometimes you come across a YouTube video that changes everything. From the videos below, I learned two important facts:

1. Apparently people keep porcupines in captivity. Or at least they interact with porcupines on very friendly terms. Don't get me wrong, this is great, but I tend to prefer my pets on the fuzzy side, not the "covered in quills" category.

2. Porcupines make vocalizations that freak me out. It's hard to describe these sounds. The closest I can get is to imagine a Star Wars Ewok on speed.

So while these facts might be common knowledge to everybody but me, I figured I'd share a few videos demonstrating the sounds that porcupines make. You have been warned.

Porcupine Eats Decorative Pumpkins

Riding the line between cute and scary, this is "Teddy Bear," a porcupine at the Zooniversity animal rescue. The first sounds are about 13 seconds in. They get really special at 1:25.

And corn:

Porcupine Retrieves Treats Via Rope

And here's a porcupine with a prehensile tail living in an animal rescue. He pulls on a rope to get treats, and there's actually an educational component to this video (aside from his wheezing voice).

Baby Porcupine Sounds Like a Talking Kazoo

You have to really crank up the sound on this, but...yeah.


In case you've forgotten what Ewoks sound like, behold: