Handy Dad's IKEA Hack Creates the Ultimate Kid's Bed

Andrew LaSane

There is a growing community of people who use IKEA furniture to create custom pieces for their homes and share the plans and progress online. Kids' rooms are perfect for IKEA hacks because many children (and their parents) want something cool that wasn't pulled out of a catalog or showroom floor. This hack from last year, which recently surfaced on reddit, shows a bed that Eric Strong designed and built for his 4-year-old son, and it has all the features that a kid could want.

Using a KURA reversible kid's bed, a TROFAST toy storage unit, a BESTA shelf, and other materials, Strong built the bed with a secret room, complete with customizable mood lighting and a fake book that operates the lock. The bed also features a slide, an escape door just in case there's an issue with the main entrance, and a ball-run with a pulley system.

In the comments section, in several annotations, and in a separate video, Strong addresses questions and concerns that he has received since the project went viral online. He has also made modifications to the bed based on fan suggestions. Check out the video above to see how the bed was made and to get inspiration for your next IKEA hack.

[h/t Design Taxi]
Banner image via YouTube