3D Print Your Face Onto LEGO Minifigures

Andrew LaSane
Funky3DFaces on Facebook
Funky3DFaces on Facebook / Funky3DFaces on Facebook

From original characters to pieces modeled after existing properties, LEGO minifigures have entertained both kids and adult collectors for nearly four decades. And while opportunities to add to your collection are plentiful (new editions are constantly added through the LEGO Ideas Project), a company on Etsy (not affiliated with LEGO) has also made collecting the toys a little more personal. By using a 3D printing service, funky3Dfaces allows customers to customize the popular toys with photos of human faces.

Funky3DFaces explains the process on its website: Customers upload two photos based on a set of guidelines; the photos are converted into 3D models using facial recognition software; and then the company ships the heads to be applied by the buyer at home. Because of the limitations of the technology, there are only 10 hairstyles to choose from, but the options range from short afros to the "Marilyn," after Marilyn Monroe's signature waves.

The service is not limited to LEGO minifigures. Funky3DFaces also offers wedding cake topper specials, greeting cards, and refrigerator magnets. Check out examples of the products below, as well as a promotional video from the company's Facebook page.

Website screenshot via Funky3DFaces.com

LEGO turns human!!! Posted by funky3Dfaces.com on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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