This Customizable Chair Lets You Mix Up The Design

Rebecca OConnell
Sohyun Yun
Sohyun Yun / Sohyun Yun

If you find yourself getting bored by your furniture, South Korean graphic designer Sohyun Yun might be able to help. Yun created a transparent chair that can easily be designed—and then redesigned—by the user. Called 'Layer,' the acrylic seat comes with a number of slides that can be layered to customize the furniture. Users can also print out their own designs and slide them into the panels on the chair's seat and back. When the owner is ready for a change, the designs can be quickly and easily swapped out.

"Everyone can be [a] creator and have identity with the ‘Layer’," Yun explains on her website. "Through the ‘Layer’ made by personal preference, I expect people to get their identity, attached to the object and expect to sustainable design."

[h/t: Fubiz]