There's a Concert for Dogs in NYC Tonight

Rebecca OConnell
istock / istock

Tonight, you don't have to leave your dog behind: Bring Fido out for an evening of music (and maybe some tail wagging), courtesy of performance artist Laurie Anderson. As part of a series called "Midnight Moments," Anderson will be performing a set in Times Square geared towards canines. The music will be played at a low frequency, specially tailored to appeal to doggy ears. The music won't sound like much, but don't worry: There will be 350 wireless headphones up for grabs so humans can hear the music with their inferior ears.

Dogs, unfortunately, don't run any English-language music blogs, so we won't know if they'll actually like the music, but the last dog-focused show did fairly well. Two years ago, Anderson put on a concert for around 100 dogs at the Sydney Opera House. At the end, the dogs gave their own version of applause. “It was a beautiful sound,” she said. “They barked for five minutes. That was one of the happiest moments of my life.”

You can watch some scenes from the last dog concert below. If you're in the Big Apple, head over to Times Square to catch tonight's show at 11:30 pm.

[h/t: Vulture]