Cook All the Parts of Your Breakfast at Once With This Helpful Pan

amazon / istock
amazon / istock / amazon / istock

On January 3, Olympic athlete Tom Daley posted a picture of himself on Facebook cooking breakfast:

Sunday morning full English breakfast for the American :) Posted by Tom Daley on Sunday, January 3, 2016

Internet users were in awe of his incredible pan. The innovative tool appeared to feature several different compartments, allowing the chef to cook all the parts of breakfast at once. With nearly 40,000 likes, the image of the all-in-one pan captured the hearts and stomachs of thousands, and it wasn't long before someone tracked down where to purchase the miraculous cooking device.

Behold: The Fowndry's All-In-One Frying Pan. Referred to as the "one pan to rule them all," the aluminum kitchen tool comes with five different compartments and promises proper heat distribution. That means you can cook your bacon, beans, sausages, and eggs all on one hob. Looking past breakfast, you could probably cook some elaborate dinners with it as well. Right now, you can pre-order it for £54.99 or pick one up on Amazon

[h/t: Mashable]