You Can Peek Inside This Fridge Without Opening It

Michele Debczak

If you’ve ever found yourself gazing into an open fridge for minutes at a time as precious cool air flows out and wastes energy, this smart fridge may be worth a look. Unveiled by LG Tuesday morning at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as part of the company's signature appliance collection, the fridge features a tinted window over its right panel. In order to take a peek at the contents inside, users can simply knock on the door to activate interior fridge lights.

If you’re looking to further indulge your laziness, you don’t even need to open the refrigerator once you’ve decided what you'd like to eat. By placing your foot at the base of the appliance, a sensor will open the door automatically (this would be a particularly helpful feature when putting away groceries). According to LG, the detector is smart enough to discern pets from people, so you don't need to worry about your cat popping the fridge open every five minutes.

[h/t: Business Insider]

Banner image via CNET.