This Bird Feeder Broadcasts the Sweet Sounds of its Diners

Rebecca OConnell
Katia Tolstykh
Katia Tolstykh / Katia Tolstykh

Russian artist Katia Tolstykh has created a multipurpose bird feeder that triples as a nest and speaker. Called Orator, the unusual design projects the sounds of birds perched inside while they snack. The hanging planter is made from wood and copper, and is meant to bring a little bit of nature into an urban space via aural experience. The plant is designed to attract the birds initially, and the feeding trough serves to keep them around. The feeding trough can be slid in and out of the planter for easy refilling and the feeder can be hung with rope. Now the only question is, do city-dwelling pigeons sing? 

[h/t: Design Milk]