Make Yourself Smarter With These Beautifully Illustrated, Fact-Filled Instagrams

Rebecca OConnell
Mike Lowery // Instagram
Mike Lowery // Instagram / Mike Lowery // Instagram

We love amazing facts here at mental_floss (but you probably already knew that), which is why we were so delighted to find the Instagram of Mike Lowery. The Atlanta-based illustrator creates whimsical drawings depicting random facts that are perfect for impressing your friends and co-workers. For example, did you know that the average pencil can draw a 35-mile-long line? Or that you're more likely to be bitten by another human than a shark? The facts are well worth reading on their own, but the added bonus of charming illustrations makes it a must-follow for anyone with an Instagram account. Here are a few of our favorites below, or you can see them all here. We should also shamelessly mention our own Instagram account, which is brimming with its own set of amazing facts.