This Smart Wallet Has a Built-In Tracking Device for Added Security


Keeping all of your necessities—cash, identification, membership, and credit cards—in your back pocket or purse can sometimes feel like a gamble. Now, a Kickstarter campaign for the Ekster Wallet may solve your wallet woes: Not only does it provides a cool place to store the things you need, but it also features a tracking system to help you find them in case they go missing.

The smart wallet connects to your smartphone and sends an alert when your wallet and phone are out of range from one another. If you drop the wallet on the street, or leave it at the bar, simply use the tracking system to figure out where you left it. There's also an option to call your wallet and have it give off an audible ring, which makes it easier for you (or someone nearby) to find it.

Other features of the Ekster Wallet (as outlined in the video above) include a spring-loaded mechanism that makes reaching your credit cards easier, RFID/NFC blocking technology that stops thieves from electronically skimming your information, and a strap where you can keep cash and cards for quick access.

With several days left in the Kickstarter campaign, the Ekster Wallet has already exceeded its $16,440 goal and is nearing the $110,000 mark. For those who want a smart wallet of their own, pledges can still be made in exchange for early bird specials.

[h/t: DesignTaxi]