Dig Into This Extensive Ramen Poster

Rebecca OConnell
fanny chu
fanny chu / fanny chu

Designer Fanny Chu loves noodles. Although her love of carbs knows no bounds, she has crowned ramen her favorite. To pay tribute to the dish, she compiled 25 of her favorite variations into one poster in 2015. Since then, Chu hasn't stopped sampling and is now back with another ramen poster—this one even larger and more detailed—featuring 42 different variations of the delicacy.

"What makes a bowl of ramen delicious-looking is the beautiful presentation of the bowl, broth, noodle, and toppings that are carefully made and arranged by the chef," Chu said on her Kickstarter. "This is how I wanted this project to be presented: a poster [so] full of tasty ramen that I wanted to take a bite right away!"

In case you want to try any of the versions at home, each illustration includes a name and list of ingredients (some of which are surprising, like the ice cubes in Yamagata's cold ramen).

The poster is available in two sizes, 16-by-20 and 24-by-36 inches, and arrives with Chu's Hanko (personal seal) stamped either on the front or back. You can check it out on her Kickstarter here.