Artist Builds a Floating Forest in a New York City Warehouse


Artist Michael Neff has turned a New York City warehouse into a winter wonderland. The San Francisco-based visual artist and designer has created a suspended forest from discarded Christmas trees picked up on New York City sidewalks.

In years past, Neff has built his suspended forest illegally beneath a Brooklyn overpass, but this year he’s rented out an indoor space in Queens where visitors can wander amongst the trees, which hang from the ceiling on near-invisible strings.

“The exhibition at Knockdown Center, on view for a month and configured in a grid, allows for a much different experience, most importantly time for the trees to shed their needles into halos on the smooth concrete floor below,” Neff writes in the description for the video above. “Paired with the subtle pine fragrance of the trees and the opportunity for quiet contemplation, the exhibition encourages repeated viewing.”

Suspended Forest will be on display at the Knockdown Center in New York City through January 31. 

[h/t: Gothamist]

Banner Image Credit: Michael Neff, Vimeo