Kodak Is Bringing Back the Super 8 Camera

Kodak / Kodak

Easy to use and affordable, Kodak’s Super 8 was the classic camera for amateur filmmakers and home movie aficionados alike in the 1960s and '70s. But after the camera was officially retired in 1982, aspiring filmmakers didn't have a chance to enjoy the analog device—once used by Steven Spielberg and Christopher Nolan—until now. This week, Kodak announced it would start producing an updated version of the camera.

The Super 8 upgrade, designed by Yves Béhar, is partly inspired by rising interest in analog film, especially from students. According to The Wall Street Journal, “Kodak’s effort to revive Super 8 is aimed in large part at film schools, where many students no longer get a chance to experiment with analog footage.”

But some established filmmakers are also anticipating the device: "While any technology that allows for visual storytelling must be embraced, nothing beats film,” says J.J. Abrams in Kodak's press release. In addition to shooting Star Wars on Kodak Film, Abrams also directed Super 8 (2011), a sci-fi tribute to the classic camera. “The fact that Kodak is building a brand new Super 8 camera is a dream come true.”

Slated to hit shelves this fall, a limited-edition Super 8 will cost between $400 and $750 and processing each film cartridge will cost $50 to $75. A lower-cost version is expected in 2017.


[h/t: The Wall Street Journal]