Experience What It’s Like to Drive a Subway Train

Shaunacy Ferro

Train riders rarely get a glimpse at where they’re going. For the most part, all they ever see are well-lit stations when the train is stopped, and dark tunnel zipping by in between. Of course, the view from the conductor’s seat is a little different.

Hop in the front seat and travel along New York City’s 7 line from the west side of Manhattan to Queens with this timelapse video (sped up to 10 times the normal speed). It’s got kind of a RollerCoaster Tycoon feel to it, and it’s a bit of a power trip. Prepare to finally feel like you’re in control of your commute! 

When you've hopped off that thrill ride, try comparing the modern subway experience to this MTA video about driving a subway train in the 1940s.  

[h/t: Gothamist]

Banner image screenshot via YouTube