This Timelapse Shows the Creation of a Massive Custom LEGO AT-AT


The BrickVault YouTube channel is dedicated to all things LEGO, including unboxing and review videos of newly released sets and figures. In a recent post, builder Charlie embarked on a grueling 26-hour custom project based on plans by another LEGO-devotee, known to the forum world as cavegod. The giant AT-AT model (or All Terrain Armored Transport, one of the iconic vehicles from the Star Wars universe) is made of over 6000 pieces and is nearly twice the size of the set LEGO released in 2014.

As Charlie explains in the time-lapse build video, BrickVault received instructions from cavegod and bought the pieces from the popular online marketplace BrickLink. According to his post in the EuroBricks forum, Charlie had 4460 of the necessary pieces and needed to order another 1640, some of which were rare and expensive. He estimates that the total cost of the build was around $1100. Following the steps of the video is impossible for anyone looking to build their own, and Charlie admits that he had to make a few edits to the design off-camera to make his model sturdy.

That said, if you're feeling inspired to try to build a giant AT-AT of your own, UK-based builder DrDaveWatford has written an extensive 11-part post on his blog that includes progress photos and a lot more technical information.

Banner image via YouTube 

[h/t: Gizmodo]