World's Largest Blue Star Sapphire Found in Sri Lanka


Precious gem lovers, take note: Gemologists claim that the world’s largest blue star sapphire has been unearthed in Sri Lanka.

According to the BBC, the azure gem weighs a whopping 1404.49 carats, surpassing the previous record holder of 1395 carats. This type of gem is called a “star sapphire” thanks to intersecting inclusions in its crystal structure, which cause a six-pointed star to appear when it’s polished and illuminated by light.

The jewel was discovered last August near Ratnapura, a town that’s often referred to as the "City of Gems” for its rich deposits of rubies, sapphires, and other glittering stones. It’s valued at a minimum of $100 million.

The sapphire’s current owner—who remains anonymous—won’t reveal how much he paid for the gem, but says he thinks he can sell it for up to $175 million at auction. He named it "The Star of Adam," in honor of the Muslim belief that Adam was sent to Sri Lanka from the Garden of Eden. He told Ceylon Today that he views the sapphire as more of a museum piece, and less as a wearable piece of jewelry—a good call, considering the gem's hefty size. 

[h/t Forbes]