Artist Recreates Classic Movie Scenes With Holograms

Anna Green

Visual artist and filmmaker Jeff Desom has re-created some of the most iconic sets from movies and television—from the bowling alley in The Big Lebowski (1998) to the mysterious black lodge in Twin Peaks (1990)—all inside small boxes in his art studio. With the help of model builder Oli Pesch, Desom constructed amazingly detailed miniature movie sets, complete with props and furniture, then populated his dollhouse-sized sets with holograms of each scene’s actors. You can watch the process and the incredible finished products in the video above. 

Inspired by the optical theaters of the nineteenth century, Desom projected flickering, spectral images of The Big Lebowski’s Jesus polishing his bowling ball, Benjamin Willard emerging from the mud in Apocalypse Now (1979), Jason battling skeletons in Jason and The Argonauts (1963), Elliot flying his bike in E.T. (1982), and Twin Peaks’ "The Man From Another Place" boogying down against static backdrops he built with Pesch. The project, entitled "Holorama," blends three-dimensional holograms with the flickering aesthetic of early silent film. 

“Holorama gives these famous scenes a third dimension using a simple holographic process based on a semi-transparent screen, mixing the image of an extremely faithfully built model with the characters extracted from the original scene,” writes Desom. “A new perspective and a tribute to cinema, accessible to all.”

[h/t: AV Club]