Watch 100 Drones Dance to Beethoven in This Record-Breaking Light Show


During a keynote presentation at CES 2016, the Intel Corporation in collaboration with Ars Electronica Futurelab presented footage (above) that reveals a secret talent of drones: aerial dance routines. With 100 small UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), a ground crew used Intel software to perform a choreographed ballet in the sky while an orchestra seated on the runway of a German airport played Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. In addition to setting the Guinness World Record for Most UAVs Airborne Simultaneously (and beating the previous record by 50), the team also put on a light show of cool shapes and colors that moved in sync with the live music.

Keynote presenter Brian Krzanich introduced the footage as Intel's version of fireworks, and after showing the video, said that he sees "a future where fireworks, and all of their risks, and smoke, and dirt, are a thing of the past. And they are replaced with shows that have unlimited creativity and potential, powered by drones."

Krzanich later gave another live demonstration during CES of the drone's autonomous capabilities with a biker on an obstacle course. A drone was able to fly both ahead of and behind the biker, filming while avoiding changing obstacles like rocks and falling trees. Check out the record-breaking drone light show above, and click here to watch the full keynote presentation.

[h/t: Tech Radar]