These Robots Make Sorting Batteries Fun to Watch

Andrew LaSane

Autonomous robots are made for efficiency (ex: cake decorating), but at the 2014 PACK EXPO—a trade convention focusing on processing and packing solutions—the FANUC robotics company showed that in addition to doing jobs faster, robots can turn mundane operations into a spectacle worth watching.

Working in tandem, one of the robots can be seen in the video above quickly arranging what appear to be 9V batteries into groupings of four, while the other grabs them and places them onto a conveyor belt. In a promotional video for the FANUC M-1iA series of machines, the company says that the robots have a reach of 280mm (about 11 inches), can lift a payload up to 1000 grams (about 2.2 pounds), and the single axis wrist seen in the video can rotate up to 3000 degrees per second.

Take a minute to get lost in the mesmerizing world of robots at work. And for even more battery-sorting fun, click here.

[h/t: Sploid]