Bonsai Trees Can Grow Full-Sized Fruit

Kirstin Fawcett

Believe it or not, bonsai trees—yes, the delicate miniature shrubs that have been grown in Asia for centuries—can actually yield fruit. That’s because the tiny trees are grown from the same seeds as full-sized trees. They’re only small because gardeners prevent them from growing to their full size, by planting them in miniscule containers and then pruning, trimming, and manipulating them into stunted plants.

Over at My Science Academy, you can learn how to grow a fruit-bearing bonsai tree in your own home. Before you get started, keep in mind that you have to nurture the tree in the right conditions. (For instance, an orange tree won’t thrive as well as an apple tree if you live in, say, Minnesota.) However, once you pick a plant that’s native to your locale, all you have to do is follow the site’s instructions regarding light, containers, humidity, fertilizer, pruning, and other bonsai how-tos. Happy harvesting!

[h/t My Science Academy]