Go Behind The Scenes With Stop Motion and Analog Animators

Anna Green

“The world of animation has been dominated by computer-generated graphics in recent years, but box office success has not completely wiped out traditional analog techniques,” says Gillian Dobias of Monocle in the video above. “The pendulum is swinging and the human qualities found in handmade animation are coveted by festival-goers and commercial creatives who find computer-generated imagery clinical and derivative.”

In “New-Generation Animators,” Monocle goes behind the scenes with three young animators from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Britain, who have found creative new ways to utilize old-fashioned animation styles, like painting and stop-motion animation. The short documentary explores the world of analog animation, and shows the monumental amount of effort that goes into creating animations by hand.

From Czech animator Lucie Sunkova, who paints on layers of glass (and must repaint each scene 24 times for one second of footage) to British artist Daisy Jacobs who combines life-size paintings with papier-mâché props, the short film explores the world of artists who eschew computer animation in favor of a more old-fashioned aesthetic. Check it out above.

[h/t: Monocle]

Banner Image Credit: Monocle, Vimeo