Magnetic Hammer Makes Household Repairs Easy—and Bruise-Free

Anna Green

German hammer company Picard created a magnetic hammer that really hits the nail on the head, so to speak. Called a Latthammer, and designed for roof work, the hammer allows users to strike a nail single-handed, without holding it in place.

According to Fast Company, the Picard Latthammer was built to help carpenters hammer nails overhead, but it functions equally well as a hammer for non-professionals. It has a built-in groove at its head into which a nail can be inserted. Users simply strike the hammer once to fix the nail into a surface, then continue driving it in until finished. This magnetic head allows users to hammer without first stabilizing the nail. It’s a simple but clever mechanism that allows anyone to complete a repair job without worrying about bruising a thumb or chipping a nail. The tool is available for $165 on Amazon.

Check out a short demo of the Picard Latthammer in action above.

[h/t: Fast Company]

Banner Image Credit: Werkzeughandel, Youtube