#MuseumSelfie Day Is January 20

Museo Accorsi-Ometto // Twitter
Museo Accorsi-Ometto // Twitter / Museo Accorsi-Ometto // Twitter

Love it or hate it, the selfie is still going strong. So why not just love it? Grab your phone (or camera, if you’re fancy) and get yourself to a museum on January 20 for #MuseumSelfie Day.

London museum blogger Mar Dixon started the one-day event in 2014 after making several museum trips with her young daughter, she told CNN in 2015. "My goal with my daughter when we go to the museum is to learn one new thing. It doesn't have to be about art though. It can be that the museum sells good carrot cake," she said.

The point? To inspire active engagement with museum collections. "The hashtag is about the museum, but it's really about the people who are going to the museum,” she told CNN. “You took that picture, and you will remember that picture."

There really aren’t any rules, Dixon said in a blog post. The selfie can be a picture of you in a museum, or in front of a museum, or holding your ticket stub from the museum. You could take your picture with your favorite painting, a taxidermied animal that strikes your fancy, or a piece of that museum café carrot cake.

To participate, simply tag your Twitter and Instagram photos with #MuseumSelfie. Below is a small collection of some of our favorites to get you started.