China's Disneyland Will Finally Open This Summer


After much anticipation, Shanghai is set to become the happiest place on Earth—well, one of them at least.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Walt Disney Co. announced that Shanghai Disney Resort will finally open its doors to the public on June 16. Originally slated to launch in 2015, the park’s debut was delayed after Disney officials and investors decided put an additional $800 million toward the project for more sights, scenes, and activities for visitors. While Disney hasn’t officially revealed the Shanghai park’s capacity, the Journal reports that it will be the second-largest of the company’s six theme parks.

The resort cost a total sum of $5.5 billion and boasts a 963-acre theme park, hotel, and entertainment hub. Visitors will able to visit six themed lands, as well as an “Enchanted Storybook Castle” that’s essentially a fanciful Chinese re-imagining of Disney’s flagship fairy tale palaces in Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California. They can also stay in a Toy Story-themed hotel, experience the Garden of the Twelve Friends where "animals of the Chinese zodiac are re-imagined as Disney and Disney•Pixar characters," and, in future months, see the Lion King musical sung in Mandarin.

While China’s economy isn’t as robust as it once was, officials say they’re confident that the Shanghai Disney Resort will draw visitors. In a statement, Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Robert Iger said, "When it comes in June, Shanghai Disney Resort will be a one-of-a-kind, world-class destination that is authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese."

Tickets aren’t on sale just yet, but you can watch the above video for a preview (albeit an illustrated one) of what to expect this summer. 

All images courtesy of YouTube.

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