Meet Kuli, the One-Eyed Cat Who Loves to Surf

Rebecca OConnell

Surfing dogs are a dime a dozen, but a wave-chasing cat is much harder to find. Rightly so: cats are notoriously difficult to train and hate the water. Kuli the cat is different. The little one-eyed feline has been shredding the waves in Hawaii since he was only six months old. 

Owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton rescued the little guy about a year ago when he weighed only a pound. He had to be bathed frequently while recovering from an eye surgery, which probably gave him his tolerance to water. Kuli—which is short for Nankuli, and means "to look blind"—started off wearing life jackets until he learned how to swim. Now he can be found happily dog paddling in the ocean and catching some waves (although he still wears the life jacket when conditions are choppy). 

“His first time in the water, we just let him float on the board by himself near the shoreline and I would paddle around with him,” Gomez told the Daily Mail. “Before we knew it we were looking for waves to surf.”

[h/t: Bored Panda]

Primary image courtesy of Instagram.