This Animation Traces the Evolution of Robots in Pop Culture

Andrew LaSane

The world has produced some pretty incredible real-life robots, but the droids in the land of make-believe have them beat when it comes to awesome design. (It helps that pop culture robots don't actually have to function.) Illustrator Scott Park and Sploid have joined forces to take a look back at robot technology in film and TV, and how it's changed over the past eight decades.

The video (which includes some mild profanity) is not intended as an exhaustive list of every robot or cyborg to ever appear on screen, so there are some notable omissions (like Robbie the Robot from 1956's Forbidden Planet and TARS from Interstellar in 2014), but Park does a great job of providing an overview of the sci-fi genre and the machines that helped shape it. There is an illustration for many of the years between 1927 and 2013; 1987 leads the pack with five films and six robots represented. 

For those of you who prefer something a bit more tangible, Park offers a print of his robot illustrations over at Society6, and you can see more of his work on his Tumblr.

Images via YouTube/Scott Park

[h/t: Sploid]