Name These 'Drew Carey Show' Guest Musicians

Chris Higgins
YouTube // Guy Hovav
YouTube // Guy Hovav / YouTube // Guy Hovav

On a 1998 episode of The Drew Carey Show, the gang holds tryouts for musicians to join their band, after getting a gig at a Ramada Inn. In this three-minute clip, a surprisingly deep group of (mostly) guitarists auditions for the spot. Can you name the musicians as they appear?

IMPORTANT TIP: The YouTube "annotations" (text that pops up over the video) ruin the guessing game! Turn annotations OFF if you want to guess, turn them ON if you want to see the names. If you see a little "gear" icon in the YouTube player, that's what you click to turn these on/off. (Some mobile devices don't support annotations at all, so it's not a problem.)

Here's the list, in order:

1. Slash (Guns N' Roses) 2. Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) 3. Dusty Hill (ZZ Top) 4. Matthew Sweet 5. Joey Ramone (The Ramones) 6. Lisa Loeb 7. Dave Mustaine (Megadeth, Metallica) 8. Roy Clark 9. Jonny Lang 10. Michael Stanley 11. Joe Walsh (The Eagles)

[h/t: Kung Fu Grippe.]