Make a Custom Pillow Pet Out of Your Cat’s Picture

Shaunacy Ferro
iStock / iStock

Sometimes, your cat just won’t come out from under the couch and bless you with her presence. In place of cuddling with a purring ball of fur, may we suggest a pillow that looks just like your favorite feline?

With a high-res photo and a little iron-on magic, you can make a pillow that looks exactly like your cat. You just need some photo transfer paper, some fabric, and some sewing know-how. Knowing how cats feel about other things around the house getting attention (say, laptops), your kitty will probably be clawing for your attention the minute you finish stitching your pillow-cat.

Ideally, it'll end up looking like this:

Image Credit: Decoist

Presumably you could also use the same technique to put any photo on a pillow, but let’s just assume everyone needs a stuffed cat pillow on their couch and leave it at that. DIY instructions are here, courtesy of the feline-friendly DIY masters at Decoist. Have at it! (Or pay someone on Etsy to do it for you.)

[h/t Inhabitat]