Star Wars Meets Winnie the Pooh in These Adorable Mashup Drawings

Andrew LaSane
James Hance
James Hance / James Hance

When fan-favorite characters from two completely different worlds meet for the sake of art, the results can be adorable. Over the years, Florida-based artist James Hance has gained a following with his pop culture mashups. Using characters from Doctor Who, Up, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Adventure Time, and other scripted works, the artist creates pieces that are whimsical and totally original—and his latest drawings, blending Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh, are no different.

In the series, Hance's hybrid protaganist, called Wookiee the Chew, takes to the Hundred Acre Wood with other Star Wars characters. Joining the stuffed co-pilot on his adventures are a young Christopher Robin dressed like Han Solo, At-Ore (half AT-AT, half Eeyore), Tauntoo (a Tauntaun and Little Roo hybrid), and other nods to both properties. The scenes are illustrated in the style of the classic watercolor paintings most people associate with the A.A. Milne characters.

Original drawings are sold in Hance's Etsy store, and the artist has also released a book, numerous prints, stuffed animals, and apparel. Check out some of his work below, and click through to his website for more.

Images via James Hance on Etsy.

[h/t: Design Taxi]