This Oscillating Fan Video Is Blowing Netflix Users Away

Anna Green

What are the top five most popular videos across Netflix and Amazon Prime right now? A dark comedy starring Tom Hanks, an animated film, two documentaries—and an hour-long video of an oscillating fan. Appropriately titled Oscillating Fan For Your Home, the video features 60 minutes of uninterrupted fan oscillation, and is currently in fifth place on the website Instant Watcher, which ranks the popularity of streaming shows and movies.

To put that in perspective, Oscillating Fan For Your Home is currently more popular than Netflix documentary phenomenon Making A Murderer, and is one step above Parks and Recreation in today’s rankings.

Decider notes that the creators of the fan video may be trying to put a summer twist on the classic Yule Log film, which features uninterrupted burning log footage for folks without fireplaces. The Netflix description seems to corroborate that analysis: “Nothing says Yuletide ambiance like a gorgeous oscillating fan,” reads the description. “Keep the holidays cool with a soft, electric whir: the ideal backdrop for family fun!” If you're a fan of fans, check out the trailer for Oscillating Fan For Your Home above.

[h/t: Instant Watcher, Decider]

Banner Image Credit: Netflix Australia & New Zealand, YouTube