Infographic: What Are the Most Powerful Sci-Fi Weapons?

Fat Wallet
Fat Wallet / Fat Wallet

If you’re the kind of sci-fi fan who knows who played the Doctor's seventh regeneration, uses the Klingon word for “success” (qapla') in casual conversation, and has debated with friends over whether an Imperial Star Destroyer could really defeat the USS Enterprise, then this infographic from FatWallet is for you.

The chart pits the most lethal weapons in the science fiction universe against one another, helping true fans determine, once and for all, which deadly contraption is the most powerful. And unlike many long-winded speculative arguments about sci-fi, this one is grounded in real-life science.

“We worked with physicists and engineers on this infographic, which breaks down iconic weapons and their energy of devastation in joules, an energy measurement of 'work done,'” the creators over at Fat Wallet wrote. “In some cases, we drew data from source material or compared the weapons to real-life versions. In others, we attempted to calculate energy requirements for destruction shown in movies and TV shows. And in the case of reality-warping, fantastic weapons from the limits of our imagination, we drew help from theoretical physics.”

Some of these findings—for instance, the revelation that a lightsaber could easily destroy Han Solo’s blaster—aren’t surprising. However, it’s still fun to see the fictional creations pitted against one another. For more imaginary space battle fodder, check out the full diagram below.

[h/t FatWallet]