Meet Manny the Selfie-Taking Cat

Rebecca OConnell
Instagram / Instagram

Animal selfies are not exactly new, but it's still amusing to see animals imitating human behaviors. A gray tabby named Manny loves to do just that, by snapping plenty of pictures of himself on his owner's GoPro. And Manny is always camera-ready, according to Instagram user yoremahm, his owner, who says that the cat loves to paw at his camera whenever it's around. He's also willing to share the spotlight with other four-legged pals. Manny, a former stray who appeared shortly after yoremahm's other cat died, lives with a crew of dogs. “He is the boss of the dogs,” yoremahm told Love Meow

Now, the cat takes a variety of pictures doing everything from playing in the snow to "winning" the Powerball jackpot.

[h/t: Bored Panda]