This Floating Hot Tub Lets You Stay Warm on Cool Waters

Kirstin Fawcett
HotTug / HotTug

We've all heard of mobile homes—but mobile hot tubs? That's the idea behind HotTug, a floating, wood-fired hot tub that's outfitted with an electric motor. Created by Netherlands-based designer Frank de Bruijn, it's designed to let you soak away your worries while cruising along a body of water. 

Fashioned from chestnut wood and glass fiber-reinforced polyester, the HotTug is both spa-worthy and sea-worthy. It holds up to eight passengers, and its stainless steel, wood-burning stove can heat 480 gallons of water up to 101 degrees Fahrenheit in less than three hours. Other amenities include a waterproof storage space, swim ladder, and navigation light.

To learn more about the strange and soothing contraption, visit HotTug's website. And if you want to purchase the boat for your favorite achy sailor, keep in mind that designs can run upwards of $25,000. 

[h/t Outside]