Innovative Jacket Allows You to Add Insulation With Built-In Pump

Andrew LaSane

The days of warm layers are upon us and that means it's time to gear up. Down feathers are popular as a filler for winter outwear, but not everyone is a fan of the industry or the bulk that sometimes comes with down garments. A company called NuDown has introduced a line of inflatable jackets and vests that the wearer can adjust to a desired level of insulation simply by squeezing a pump.

According to FastCoDesign, NuDown worked with design consultants Julie Ringler and Kimi Davies Rice to create the air pump system used in the apparel. "Each pump increases the insulation by one degree Fahrenheit," reports FastCo, "and 20 pumps will add enough insulation to keep out the chill on chilly days, 30 pumps will give wearers more warmth on blustery days, and 40 or more is supposedly enough for the harshest conditions." For even colder environments, NuDown offers a kit as an upgrade that uses Argon gas, which is also used to insulate drysuits and double-pane windows.

The jackets and vests, in three styles for both men and women, range from $450 to $750. Check out the video above that introduces the technology, and head to the NuDown website to check out the products that are currently available.


Images via NuDown

Banner image via Vimeo

[h/t: FastCoDesign]