This 175-Step Rube Goldberg Device Might Be The World's Most Elaborate Soda Machine

Anna Green

Feeling thirsty? YouTube user Berlagawesome has created a soda machine that will deliver you a refreshing can of Coca-Cola in 175 not-so-simple steps. The homemade Rube Goldberg device may be the world’s most elaborate soda machine, and it took a full three months to build. Placing four quarters into the change slot triggers a chain reaction of increasingly creative movements, from falling dominoes to rolling lightbulbs and bouncing basketballs. 

Berlagawesome writes: “This is the most insane project I've worked on in my entire YouTube career. I spent 140 hours (over 3 months) in total putting this video, under four minutes, together. This coke dispenser failed 114 times before I finally got it to work.”

Check it out above.

[h/t: Digg]

Banner Image Credit: Berlagawesome, YouTube